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For us as Bhutanese, safe enough to say is unique, relating to pain and suffering is much easier. It is because, we were taught or exposed to, right from our early

Graduates of 2022

childhood to throughout our college life on the fundamental truths of suffering, nothing lasts forever, and lay-judrey. Whether it is in the hospital settings or in the primary healthcare centres or in the communities, all we have come across is nothing but the pain and the suffering of a being. Some, if not most must have dealt with their pain and suffering and even extended the helping hands to alleviate it. This is already good enough, because loving-kindness and compassion are the goodness that even if you are fatigue and do not wish to think about it, it faithfully stays with all of us, all the time. It is the innate qualities that each one of us are vested with.

Therefore, today (17th July 2022) is an important day for all the graduands of the Faculty of Nursing and Public Health to take an oath to exercise these very values, alongside professionalism each graduand are trained as. We wish you adhere to these values. There is nothing greater than admitting humility in life especially for believers of lifelong learner. Be humble but don’t forget to build conviction. Because humbleness and conviction are the two healthy wings of a successful person. Be a star if you cannot be the sun. It isn’t by size that you win the race or that you fail the game. Honorable President stressed that your attitude will matter as you forward in your life. Do good as doing good is as easy as doing bad is difficult. Like the little lamp you held on your hands, be a beacon of light to light the darkness of someone in need. In a profession like ours, you need not have to go in search of the needy. You will confront it. You have our Best wishes!

Thank you all for for sharing the experience of how you saw yourself transformed from caterpillar to butterfly. Your experience sharing has not only teased the emotions of the faculty but rejuvenated the spirit of FNPH to try produce better healthcare professionals! Thank you Honorable President, Madam Registrar, Director of the Medical Services of MoH, Deans of the sister faculties and colleges, Course coordinators from JDWNRH for gracing the occasion. Your presence meant lot to our fellow graduands!