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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” –Robert SwanTo mark the importance of the Royal Project: The Millions Fruit Trees Plantation Program, the two days plantation program was conducted. The team was led by Dean sir along with KGUMSB and FNPH DeSuup Nyamros. For this, two days activities were carried are as follows:Day #1 (2/04/2022)1. Cutting of all the existing peach trees and digging of 21 pits for the new fruit bearing trees were carried for the day.2. Carried out fencing for the existing plants. 3. Refreshment was served sponsored by DeSuup Sangay Dema and DeSuup Shacha Tenzin (Gojay).4. Lunch: Sponsor by Dean sir.Day #2(3/04/2022)1. Planted varieties of plants and added manure and top soil as well. 2. Fencing for the new planted trees was carried out.3. Refreshment was served sponsored by student Dean, Mr. Ugyen Wangdi.4. Lunch: Sponsor by DeSuup Shacha Tenzin (Gojay)In total we have planted 46 varieties of fruit plants in seven days of plantation program.I would like to offer my sincere and heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Dean Sir for not only being coworker for these many days but also for sponsoring lunch and refreshment. Your presence with us not only inspired us but motivated to take this good action beyond this.Not to forget my DeSuup Nyamros for working tirelessly for the seven days and making this event a successful one. Thank you for always lending your helping hand in needy times like this. Your cooperation and utmost dedication in every event is appreciated.Trees are the global assets as trees help absorb and sink the carbon that would otherwise contribute to global warming. Planting more trees will mitigate the climate change. With your work, am sure you will take pride in what you have done. Once again, thank you everyone for your contribution besides your tight schedule. Looking forward to your continued support in the future too la. Reported by: DeSuup Shacha Tenzin, Gojay, FNPH/KGUMBS/MoH.