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Bhawani Shankar Dungana

Name: Bhawani Shankar Dungana

Designation: Associate Lecturer


Mr. Bhawani Shankar Currently serving as an Associate Lecturer in FNPH (Faculty of Nursing and Public Health under Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan), Mr. Shankar’s expertise lies in teaching Diploma in community health and other allied health care workers. His core strengths encompass a diverse range of subjects including IMNCI (Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness), C4CD (Care for Child Development), Health Assessment, SCCI (Non-Communicable Diseases), communicable diseases, disease outbreak management, maternal and child health, vaccine and cold chain management, epidemiology, BHMIS (Basic Health Management Information System), and PHC (Primary Health Care) management.

Mr. Shankar stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of community health, dedicating an impressive 19 years of his life to the service of improving public health in various remote and inhospitable communities in Primary Health center. Born and raised with a passion for making a positive impact, his journey as a Health Assistant has been marked by exceptional dedication and accomplishments. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Shankar has been a beacon of commitment and excellence, earning recognition for his outstanding contributions. His unwavering dedication and meritorious service have been acknowledged with the prestigious Medal for His Majesty the King, a testament to his exceptional service and commitment to the well-being of the community. Additionally, his exceptional efforts have been further honored with an extra promotion, the Kasho, bestowed upon him by His Majesty the Fourth, underscoring his significant impact and leadership in the field.

Mr. Bhawani Shankar has not only excelled in his individual capacity but has also emerged as a role model for fellow health workers. His influence extends beyond conventional health practices, encompassing a holistic approach to community development. His emphasis on health and hygiene, community empowerment, teamwork, and agile leadership has set a benchmark for others in the field.

Beyond his role as an educator, Mr. Bhawani Shankar is an ardent enthusiast of research, contributing significantly to the knowledge base in the field of community health. His multifaceted expertise, coupled with an enduring commitment to excellence, positions him as a luminary in the realm of health education and community development. Mr. Shankar’s tireless efforts and exemplary service leave an indelible mark on the communities he serves, embodying the essence of a true healthcare leader and educator.