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The Y-Peer Programme has worked since 2001 with country partner to build the capacity of national non-governmental organizations and government to implement, supervise, monitor, and evaluate peer education programmes to prevent HIV/AIDS and improve reproductive health.

The programme has focused on reinforcing the status and credibility of peer education. It has also promoted a comprehensive and multisectoral response to reducing the vulnerability of young people to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection(STIS) and to empowering them to become active partner in effects to stem the pandemic.

What is Y-PEER?

Y-PEER stand for Youth Peer Education Network, which is a ground breaking and comprehensive youth to youth initiative pioneered by UNFPA (United Nation Population Fund) in 2002. It is a network of more than 500 non-profit organizations and government institution. It’s members include thousands of youth who worked in many areas surrounding adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

What is PEER Education?

Peer Education is the process whereby well trained and motivated young people undertake informal or organize educational activities with their peers. The activities are aimed at developing young people’s knowledge, attitude, beliefs and skills and enabling them to be responsible for and to protect their own health.

Why PEER Education?

A person’s peer group has a strong influence on the way he/she behaves. This is true for both risky and safe behaviour. Not surprisingly, young people get a great deal of information from their peer on the issues that are especially sensitive or culturally taboo.

Peer education makes use of peer influence in a positive way. Peer education is also a ways to empower young people, it offers them the opportunity to participate in activities that affect them and to access the information and services they need to protect their health.