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Cultural Club

Cultural Club: Beyond Classroom

Bhutan is a country rich in cultural and traditional heritage, both tangible and intangible. Caught amidst the rapid modernization and a mundane task of preservation of our uniqueness, the Cultural Club provides a forum for our students to promote the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our Culture and Tradition. The club fosters a supportive social and cultural environment in order to encourage cohesion and unity among our students of different background, culturally and academically.

The Benefits for Students

The Culture Club focuses on embarking on ideation journey to amalgamate our culture and tradition in this new era. It is done through culture variety show, showcasing of our unique forms of songs and dances, upholding the practices of  our religion and taking part in cultural competitions. It enhances the achievement of  students by involving them with excitement in innovative ways. When they are engaged in activities, they learn to set goals, work together and feel proud of their accomplishments.

The Membership

There is no limit to number of members taken in for this co-curricular activity. You are accepted in the club at any time of the semester. The more the number of members, the more the inflow of ideas. We, at the club love new ideas and take pride in putting those Ideas into Action. We love to have you as part of our Family, the Cultural Club Family.

Culture Club Faculty and Staff coordinators:

  1. Sangay Pem, Sr. Lecturer, DNM
  2. Leki Chenzom, Female provost
  3. Tenzin Dorji, Lab Assistant
  4. Karma Choden, Lecturer, DNM